56 Powerful Affirmations For Men To Positively Shift Your Perspective

Affirmations are a great way to boost your confidence, motivate yourself, and live a life you enjoy. They are simple to use and have profound healing effects, including reduced stress and increased confidence. Once you get the hang of using them, you will wonder how you lived your life without them. As easy as they are to use, practicing goes a long way. It helps to be consistent and stay focused when practicing your positive statements. Otherwise, you may not reap their profound benefits.

Below, we have outlined over 50 powerful affirmations for men. Read through our list and choose a few that resonate with you. You do not have to use the ones you choose forever—take them, try them, and if you want to change, feel free to revisit this page and select some others. This is somewhat of a trial and error process. The daily affirmations that work best for you will depend on your unique lifestyle and individual needs.

Positive Affirmations for Men

1. Affirmations for a Positive Body Image

Body image issues are not gender-exclusive—they affect men just as much as women, but men are far less likely to talk about it. Many of us mistakenly think that body image issues are exclusive to women because of public exposure to fitness models in magazines and the internet. Still, men, too, are pressured to look a certain way. There is a sense of shame for many men if one does not have bulging muscles or sculpted abs. Body image issues are detrimental to your mental health, so it is important to recognize and work toward resolving them.

  • I respect my body.
  • I am comfortable with my own skin.
  • I like the way I look. 
  • This is my body, and I choose to love it. 
  • Health is important to me.
  • I exercise for myself, not to impress others. 
  • I treat my body with kindness and compassion. 
  • My body is a temple. 
  • I love my body; it helps me to love others. 
  • My body is my home, and in it, I feel safe. 

2. Positive Affirmations for Self-Confidence and Increased Self-Esteem

One of the incredible benefits of affirmation lies in its ability to boost confidence and help us overcome low self-esteem. As a man, confidence is key in all aspects of your life. Without it, you are likely to feel less than others and as though you are not worthy. Of course, those are not true, but a lack of confidence can make you believe that they are.

  • I am entitled to feel confident and self-assured.
  • I like myself for who I am.
  • I belong.
  • I am valued by myself and those who love me.
  • I am a complete individual.
  • I trust myself to make good decisions.
  • I show myself respect every day.
  • All of my feelings and emotions are valid.
  • I can take up space.
  • I matter.
  • I know I am a good person.
  • I am full of great ideas.
  • I am better than nobody else, and nobody is better than me.

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3. Powerful Positive Affirmations for Healthy Relationships

Do not underestimate the power of interpersonal relationships. Many men feel pressured to be independent and not need anybody. That is perceived as a sign of strength, and needing others is seen as weakness. 

Unfortunately, many think this way because the truth is that we all need relationships. They are a core part of being human, and healthy interdependence helps us grow more than we ever could on our own. Moreover, healthy relationships, such as romantic, familial, and professional, are fundamental to good mental health.

  • I choose presence, not absence, in all of my relationships.
  • I am nurturing and generous in my close relationships. 
  • I deserve love, and I provide love.
  • I am a loving partner.
  • I am open and honest with those I love.
  • I can maintain healthy relationships.
  • I grow with my relationships, and they grow with me. 
  • People love to spend time with me.
  • I am good company.
  • My needs are valid and deserve to be met.

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4. Positive Affirmations for Inner Strength

Sometimes life gets tough, and it is inevitable. What matters most is not that we never experience pain, stress, or adversity, but that we rise to the challenge and get through it all. Nothing instills confidence like overcoming challenges. As such, it helps to use stress-busting, resilience-building affirmations to help you get through those tough times.

  • I invite positive energy into my life. 
  • I am not my negative thoughts; I am their witness. 
  • Negative emotions are temporary; positive emotions are temporary; awareness is forever. 
  • This, too, shall pass.
  • I have a well of inner strength.
  • I can cultivate strength and resilience whenever I need them. 
  • I can handle whatever happens in my life. 
  • Each time I fall, I get right back up again. 
  • Struggles and failures are lessons. I learn from everything that happens in my life. 
  • I can achieve success. 
  • I choose how I respond to life. 

5. Positive Affirmations for the Divine Masculine

The divine masculine is part of ourselves and plays the role of protector, decision-maker, and authentic speaker. It exists in each of us, but we need to cultivate it consistently. When we do not work on the divine masculine, we’re likely to feel ungrounded, indecisive, and erratic. When we connect to it, we make good decisions, speak our truth, and feel confident in ourselves.

  • I am a warrior.
  • Discipline is the key to freedom.
  • I can make good decisions. 
  • I am grounded.
  • I support my life with conscious intention.
  • I am generous to those I love.
  • I take on challenges with confidence and openness.
  • I am open to learning new things.
  • I am the master of responses to life.
  • I am the architect and builder of my life. 
  • I can work with my emotions.
  • I connect with my highest self.

Benefits of Daily Positive Affirmations for Men

Affirmations help us rewire our minds so that it works for us, not against us. It does not take much self-reflection to realize how many negative thoughts we experience every day. Regardless of whether you are depressed or not, we have daily negative thoughts about some things. They seem like a normal part of life, and we let them slip because they seem to make sense.

We have judgments about our coworkers, feel jealous about our friends’ lives on social media, or perceive ourselves as superior because we follow a particular lifestyle. These are all small but can be damaging thoughts that fly under the radar because we think they are harmless. However, they are not as harmless as you might expect.

Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Lao Tzu

This ancient wisdom points to an essential factor. We play a massive role in creating our reality. As such, hacking the mind and replacing as many negative thoughts as possible with more positive and growth-oriented thoughts and beliefs can be life-changing. 

At first, the changes that come from reciting positive affirmations are small but increase over time. Within just a few months, you may find yourself living in a different reality altogether. Of course, the world outside is pretty much the same, but your inner world will have changed so much through perspective shifts that even the outside world will look different.

How to Use Positive Affirmations

You do not have to follow any particular belief system to reap the benefits of affirmations. Once you bring your focus, attention, and breath into alignment, the creative energy surges, and you begin to manifest the content of your affirmations.

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1. Be Patient and Consistent

Sometimes it is a slow process, and sometimes a change does happen overnight, but it can be hard to predict. As such, the most effective approach to making affirmations work is to be patient and consistent. Repetition is key, so do not expect to see any changes if you only use an affirmation once or twice. This needs to become a daily practice and one you do with focus and personal commitment.

2. Speak Them Aloud (Or Write Them Down)

Speaking your affirmations aloud can give them the opportunity to come to pass. In doing so, you will draw positivity and a new outlook into your environment and solidify your intentions. If you are in a public space and you do not want to speak them aloud, it is okay to repeat them in your heart. Still, if you will keep them in your head and make them clear. Try to clear your mind of other distractions as much as possible and give your full attention to the affirmation.

It may help to write your own affirmation on paper. It is better to choose paper over a note on your phone because your phone can easily distract you. Write down the affirmation several times and speak it to yourself as you write. Writing can increase a certain type of brain activity that enhances the experiences.


What is your favorite positive affirmation? Choose a handful of the affirmations outlined in this article and keep them in your mind or write them down to help you remember them. Repeat them throughout your day. Set aside five to ten minutes at least once or twice a day to maximize the benefits. If none of the above resonates with you, feel free to create your own affirmation. You have to think of an area of your life that you would like to improve and figure out what you can change to improve it.

For example, if you want to have healthier relationships, think about what you can do to make that happen. In what way can you shift your perspective on the benefits of your relationship? If it is a matter of confidence, use affirmations that help you build confidence. If you feel stressed, use affirmations that help you feel calm and grounded. It sounds simple, but with consistent practice and patience, affirmation really can change your life.

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