57 Affirmations For Success That Will Significantly Change Your Life

There is great power in the use of positive affirmations for success. These words, phrases, or mantras, when used correctly, can shift your perspective and attitude so dramatically that your negative thoughts fall away in place of a positive, growth-oriented, and success-driven mindset.

Note that they must be used correctly to work. Simply reciting an affirmation once or twice will not do the trick. They require concentration, focus, and above all, consistency. It is a practice you must cultivate daily, ideally around the same time every day, such as in the morning when you wake up or at night before bed. We will offer more advice on maximizing the benefits of affirmations later in this article.

Do Affirmations For Success Really Work?

Some people dismiss affirmations for success as mere pseudoscience. You might wonder how a simple repetition of a word or phrase can lead to any positive change in one’s life? Well, the answer lies in your mindset. It is well known that our state of mind has a significant impact on our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and these, in turn, have a strong influence on the quality of our lives and the decisions we make daily.

It reflects on our behaviors when our inner voice is negative or stressed. For example, many of us struggle with feelings of not being good enough. We push ourselves to be perfect, and we compare ourselves to others unnecessarily. We have this deep inner narrative that criticizes us with harsh words, and our lives become a statement of that voice.

Positive affirmation aims to tackle that negative inner voice, replacing thoughts of low self-worth and not being enough with positive self-beliefs about our worth, abilities, and potential for success. The more we practice affirmations, the more positivity we cultivate in our minds. In turn, that positive mindset opens our eyes to opportunities, love, and success that we may never have noticed if we were still stuck on our negative thoughts.

Affirmations for Success, achieving success

Attract Success with These Positive Affirmations

Now for the affirmations. We have included a list of almost sixty positive, success-based affirmations below for you to add to your practice. Of course, you do not need to use all of the affirmations. There is not enough time in the day to give each of the following enough time and attention to work. Still, read through our list and choose a few that resonate with you. Find your favorites and write those down, then set aside a few minutes each day to recite them repeatedly.

  • I have the power to create the life I love.
  • I am the leader of my own life.
  • Life comes from me, not at me.
  • I grow smarter, wiser, and stronger every day.
  • I live a life of abundance.
  • I have everything I need to succeed.
  • I welcome opportunities with open arms.
  • I am worthy of everything that I desire.
  • I take care of my mental health, and my mental health takes care of me.
  • I am open to growth and positive change.
  • I am not defined or limited by negative beliefs.
  • I have the power to live my dream life.
  • The universe wants me to succeed.
  • My positive attitude attracts success.
  • I say yes to the success that wants to come into my life.
  • I effortlessly attract everything I need to grow and succeed.
  • I commit to being the best I can be in my professional and personal life.
  • I am better today than yesterday, and I will be better tomorrow than I am today.
  • Each day is a fresh start, a new chance to achieve my goals.
  • I am more than capable of success.
  • I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
  • Negative feelings pass, my commitment to success remains.
  • I radiate self-love, and the universe hears me.
  • My positive, goal-oriented actions create constant wealth and abundance.
  • I am responsible for my dream life. The power lies with me. 
  • I have everything I need. Everything else is a bonus. 
  • I am stronger than the obstacles I will face on the path to success. 
  • I have the power to live the life I have always wanted. 
  • The world is filled with opportunities. All I need to do is accept them.
  • My self-confidence and positive thoughts propel me forward toward success.
  • I release bad habits that no longer serve me. 
  • I am filled with infinite potential. 
  • I do not fear failure because failure is a step on the path to success.
  • I attract endless abundance. 
  • I do not chase with my ego. I attract with my energy. 
  • I am already incredibly blessed. 
  • The more gratitude I have, the more I have to be grateful for
  • I attract money into my life like a magnet. 
  • I have the skills and abilities to become rich. 
  • Wealth constantly flows into my life. 
  • I deserve financial freedom. 
  • I am worthy of all the good life has to offer to me.
  • I welcome all the opportunities for growth and abundance that life offers me.
  • I see failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.
  • I try my best at whatever I do.
  • My positive attitude shines through and inspires others to shine too.
  • It is my destiny to be successful.
  • I am driven, capable, and motivated to succeed.
  • Whenever a problem arises, I can find a solution.
  • I become better and stronger every day.
  • My life is full of endless opportunities for success.
  • I am open to all the good that life has to offer—all the blessings, the wealth, abundance, and the love.
  • I let go of all the barriers I have placed against success in my life.
  • Each day is a new day to grow, learn, and succeed.
  • I release the stress that stands in the way of my happiness and success.
  • I define what success means to me.
  • My success has no limits.
  • I can achieve the best life for myself.

Affirmations for Success, discard negative beliefs

How to Use Affirmations for Success

As mentioned earlier, affirmations can work wonders in your life, but you have to make them work. Simply styling an affirmation once or twice is not enough to make a ripple in your universe to create change. You need to focus on what you are saying and make it a regular practice. You must exert enough energy and focus when reciting the affirmations for its magic to work.

To get the best out of your affirmations, set aside five to ten minutes a day to practice. Some people choose morning affirmations because they put them in a positive mindset for the day ahead, while others prefer evening or night-time affirmations as a means of setting intentions for the night’s sleep to come.

It helps to practice somewhere where you will not be easily distracted, so find a peaceful spot in your home or put on some noise-canceling headphones to help you concentrate. Next, sit somewhere comfortable and close your eyes (you can leave your eyes open if that is more comfortable). Next, pay close attention to your breath, and find its rhythm. Take an in-breath, and then release the out-breath.

Start speaking your affirmation aloud when you feel relaxed and open. Breathe in, and speak the affirmation in your out-breath. Repeat this process for as long as you like. We recommend two to three minutes at first. Then try three to five minutes over the following days and five to ten minutes in the succeeding weeks. Naturally, you will get a little distracted during this time. That is fine—just remember to bring your attention back to your breath and start again. 


If this is your first time practicing affirmations for success, do not worry if it feels a little strange at first. Some people find it uncomfortable to speak aloud to themselves, while others find it silly. These are all normal responses, but try to be consistent with your practice no matter what happens. As silly as it might feel, it will not seem so silly when you start to see the content of your affirmations manifesting in your daily life.

When you are in doubt about the power of positive affirmations for success, just remember what happens when your mindset is negative: inconsistent mood, fatigue, self-doubt, even depression. If a negative mindset can have a destructive and unhealthy effect, healthy and nourishing positive affirmations can also create wonders in your daily life that you will surely love. On a final note, consider the following from Lao Tzu, a powerful message that speaks to the power of affirmations.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Lao Tzu

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