Clever Texts To Send To A Guy— 5 Easy Ways To Keep Him Interested

Flirting is meant to be fun. Unfortunately, many of us crumble under pressure and become speechless when presented with an opportunity to flirt. 

It’s normal to feel nervous, like you don’t know what to say, so if this describes your experience, you’re not alone.

That’s what this article is for. Below, we’ve included a list of cute, and clever texts to send to a guy. 

Be brave, take a risk, and if he doesn’t reply, don’t worry about it. It’s better to take a chance at flirting than not try and wonder how things may have worked out.

Before we get into it, remember to flirt with confidence. Even if you send a risky text and feel embarrassed, you two can laugh about it later. 

Confidence is incredibly attractive and will make all the difference to your conversation.

Clever texts to send to a guy

The texts below are some of the best text messages to send because they’ll make him think. They may have an immediate impact with instant results, but if he doesn’t reply straight away, the flirty messages below are sure to keep you on his mind.

  • You’re so charming; you’ve got me hooked. 
  • Every time I see a text from you, I smile. How do you do that?
  • Should I wait for you to make the first move, or shall I go ahead?
  • Can you help me choose what to wear tonight?
  • Good morning. A better morning? You are here with me. 
  • I had a dream about you last night, and I’m a little nervous to tell you about it…
  • I watched a movie last night, and the lead man reminded me of you. He was very handsome.
  • I need to focus on work, but I keep getting distracted just thinking about you!
  • Where should we have our first kiss?
  • Seeing your name on my phone screen makes me happy.
  • Let’s skip all the small talk and get right to it. I want you.
  • I thought I was done dating, but you made me change my mind!

Clever Texts To Send To A Guy

Flirty good morning texts

Sending him a flirty text in the morning is a great way to stay on his mind for the rest of the day. If you two have just started talking recently, don’t overdo it with the morning texts – sometimes it’s best to leave him wanting. 

However, a brief morning text can let him know how much you like him, even if it’s early. If you two have been dating for a while but not yet sharing the night, a well-crafted morning text will make him wish he was there with you.

  • Good morning handsome!
  • Morning, I hope you had sweet dreams. I certainly had some sweet dreams about you.
  • I wish I were waking up next to you.
  • I was thinking about you last night.
  • You’re the first thing I thought about his morning!
  • Morning, coffee?
  • I love to get out of bed early, but if you were, I’d want to get out of bed late.
  • My bed is so warm in the mornings. I wish I could show you what I mean!
  • Waking up next to you would be such a delight.

Flirty questions to send to a guy

Questions are a great way to flirt because they elicit a response. Direct compliments and statements about how you feel work well too, but questions will engage him in the conversation and make him have to think of a reply. 

The fact that he’s thinking about what to send back will instill in his mind that he likes you; otherwise, he wouldn’t make the same effort to reply.

  • How would you react if I just kissed you?
  • What turns you on?
  • Do you have any kinks?
  • What’s your favorite body part for a person?
  • Are you a kisser or a cuddler? Or both? Or neither?
  • Why are you so charming? I’m hooked.
  • What do you wear to bed? Do you sleep naked?
  • Would you mind if someone else sleeps naked with you?
  • I just don’t get it. How are you still single?
  • What’s your most secret sexual fantasy?
  • What are you thinking about right now?
  • What’s your favorite position?
  • What are your plans for the weekend and can I be in them?
  • What’s your type?
  • Do you know how handsome you are?
  • How many dates before sleeping with someone? Do you ever make exceptions?
  • What’s your favorite feature of mine?
  • What’s your idea of a perfect date? Let’s do it.
  • Have you always been handsome or did a genie grant you a wish?
  • Why can’t I stop thinking about you?
  • How about this – let’s call in sick tomorrow and spend the whole day in bed. What do you think?

Compliments that men love

Men love to feel appreciated. Even when they don’t let on that they do, they do! As such, you can make his day with a well-crafted compliment. 

Moreover, compliments are one of the basic foundations of good flirting. Below we’ve included a list of compliments men love that will make them smile and make their friends wonder what’s got them so smitten.

  • You’re such a good listener!
  • I love that you’re passionate about your career.
  • You’re so smart!
  • I love to meet talented people like you.
  • I like how much you care about your friends.

Clever Texts To Send To A Guy

How to flirt with a guy over text

Flirting over text is a skill. Fortunately for you, we’ve included some tips and advice on developing that skill and drastically improving your flirting game.

1. Short and sweet

One of the most text-flirting tips is to keep your texts short and sweet. 

Remember that flirting is supposed to be fun and playful, so it’s best to avoid long, drawn-out paragraphs. Imagine you’re on a real date, and the guy keeps talking without letting you get a word in. How annoying would that be? 

Now imagine the same date, but the guy makes short flirty comments and lets you join in on the game. Way more fun, right?

In a short text, make your message playful and attention-grabbing. 

Sometimes you can get away with a ‘hey’ to start the conversation or a ‘lol’ in response to a funny comment, but offer something to which the other person can respond.

‘Hey, I’ve been thinking about you..’

‘Just wanted to say you looked so good when I saw you earlier!’

‘I love talking to you!’

2. Don’t overdo it

The whole point of flirting is that you tease your feelings for each other. Flirty texts should be subtle and playful, so avoid coming on too strong.

Of course, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be confident – confidence is key to successful flirting – but don’t give the game away.

You want this guy to know that you’re interested, but you don’t want him to feel like he already has you. He should feel like a date or hook-up is on the cards but that it’s not guaranteed and that he’ll still have to play his cards right.

3. Open-ended questions

A great way to have any conversation is to ask open-ended questions. Flirting is no different. 

It’s a good idea to compliment him and tell him that you like him, but allow him to answer questions with an interesting response and ask some in return. 

By asking open-ended questions – anything from what’s your love language to what’s your favorite position (and why..) – you’ll make the conversation engaging. You’ll get him excited to respond and make him eager for your response. 

Remember that it’s flirty and fun, so avoid heavy questions. You may feel connected already but flirting over text is not the time to ask him about his childhood traumas!

‘What do you think we should do together next time we see each other?’

‘How do you feel about compliments? (Because I want to give you a lot..).’

4. Keep it positive

It’s unnatural and unrealistic to be positive all the time. We all go through light and dark times, so pretending that the dark doesn’t exist is not a healthy approach to life. 

Still, there’s a time and a palace for such conversation, and a flirty conversation is not the time to bring the mood down. Focus on keeping the mood light and playful with a positive approach. 

To sprinkle more positivity into your conversion, offer plenty of compliments and make jokes when you can. Again, you two may be able to go deep in conversation and talk about heavy topics, but keep that depth for another time. 

You want to be able to hold a flirty conversation for long enough that the chemistry will build and make him unable to stop thinking about you.

5. Stay cool

Remember to play cool to reiterate our previous point about not coming on too strong. Even if this is your dream guy, don’t get too excited. Flirting is a game, and the game gets spoiled when you lose your cool.

We’re not advising you to ghost him or leave him on read for too long, but try waiting a little bit before responding to texts. Again, don’t leave him waiting, but don’t respond in the blink of an eye. 

Your aloofness will make him wonder, and he’ll finally be happy to get your response. If you respond too quickly, he may get bored. If you take too long, he’ll feel like you’re not that interested.


Even if you’re not the most confident flirty person today, don’t worry. Flirting over text, and flirting in general, requires confidence, a skill you can most certainly learn with practice.

At first, you might be embarrassed or cringy about the flirty texts you send, but once you notice that he replies and plays the game, your confidence will grow. Take the tips and advices outlined in the article and use our flirty text examples for inspiration!

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