66 Powerful Daily Affirmations For Women: Find Your Confidence Today

If you are looking for the perfect positive affirmations for you to practice daily, you are in the right place. We have included a long list of positive daily affirmations for women in this article to help you cultivate some positive energy to take inspired and motivated action in your life.

Daily Affirmations for Women

Below we have included over 60 positive affirmations you can use every day to help yourself stay motivated and feel good about yourself. We have broken them down into 7 different categories to help you directly address whatever it is that you may be looking for. Now, do not think that you have to repeat each one every day. Read through the following and choose a small few, even just one, that resonates with you. 

Take time each morning or evening to repeat that affirmation to yourself for a few minutes in conjunction with deep breathing, grounding techniques, and intention to release stress.

1. Positive Affirmations for a Healthy Mind-Body Relationship

Nobody else knows your body as you do. The relationship you have with it is undeniably important when living a healthy and happy life. Still, sometimes it can be hard to cultivate a long relationship with our bodies. Either we hold ourselves to unrealistic standards or do not nourish ourselves with the right foods. Try the following positive affirmations to improve your mind-body relationship.

  • I treat my body well, and it treats me well in return. 
  • My body is beautiful, even when I don’t feel that way. 
  • I honor my body every day.
  • I appreciate my body, even when it’s hard to do. 
  • This is my body, nobody else’s, and my relationship with it is unique.
  • I inhabit the divine female body. I am the only person who needs to love it.

2. Positive Affirmations for Stress Tolerance

Stress is the number one cause of fatigue, burnout, and disease. As such, anything we can do to reduce stress and improve our ability to tolerate it will help us feel much better in the long run.

  • Life is full of positive and negative events. I have no control over what happens, but I can control how I respond.
  • I have the power to choose my responses to life.
  • I am entitled to relax and recharge.
  • The more I practice self-care, the more grounded and happy I feel.
  • Stress is temporary.
  • Breathing in, I notice my body. Breathing out, I release tension.

3. Positive Affirmations for Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

These affirmations will help in moments when you are feeling down or lacking in confidence.

  • Each day I grow wiser.
  • I am abundant in positive qualities.
  • I radiate divine feminine energy.
  • I radiate positive energy daily.
  • I deserve all the happiness that comes my way.
  • I have the power to live a healthy and happy life.
  • My voice is my power.
  • My perspective and opinion matter as much as anyone else’s.

4. Positive Affirmations from Successful People

  • We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. – J.K. Rowling
  • The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this, or I am that, but I am. – Eckhart Tolle
  • Am I good enough? Yes, I am! – Michelle Obama
  • I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. – Jimmy Dean
  • Be the change that you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi
  • The past does not equal the future unless you live there.” Tony Robbins
  • Spread love everywhere you go. – Mother Teresa​
  • The perfect moment is this one. – Jon Kabat-Zinn

daily affirmations for women

5. Positive Affirmations to Help with Fear and Anxiety

  • I learned from my past and will learn from my future.
  • I can adopt a positive attitude today and every day.
  • I don’t need to push fear away. I can see it for what it is. It is temporary and offers a message.
  • This, too, shall pass.
  • I am not my feelings—I am their witness.
  • I choose to meet my pain with compassion.
  • I have the power to release anxiety.
  • Fear is something experienced—it is not who I am.

6. Positive Affirmations for Gratitude

Gratitude affirmations are some of the most powerful. Gratitude’s ability to boost our mood and shift our perspective is not to be underestimated. You can be grateful for simple things, such as clean air and nourishing food, or more complex things, such as the emotional support of a loved one. 

Whatever you are grateful for, you can choose to reap significant psychological and physiological benefits from noticing and acknowledging it. Try some of the following gratitude affirmations and see how they make you feel.

  • I am grateful for each opportunity to learn and grow. 
  • I am grateful to the earth for providing me with nourishing food. 
  • I appreciate those in my life who support me. 
  • I am grateful for those in my life who have taught me lessons. 
  • I am grateful for my ability to be grateful and feel its rewards. 
  • I am grateful for the sensation of breathing in fresh, clean air.
  • I am grateful for the bed I sleep in. 
  • I am grateful for my ability to work hard toward achieving my goals. 
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to set and achieve goals.
  • I am grateful to all the women in my life who have guided and supported me.
  • I am grateful for this divine feminine energy I can cultivate at all times.
  • I am grateful for all of my emotionsthe good and the bad. Allow me to experience the whole gamut of the human condition.

7. More Daily Affirmations for Women

  • I can offer myself all the love and validation I need. 
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I am capable of achieving my dreams
  • I value my energy, and so do others.
  • I belong. 
  • The earth nourishes me.
  • I welcome grace into my life. 
  • I welcome positivity into my life.
  • I welcome abundance into my life.
  • I allow peace in my life. 
  • I respect myself first and others after. 
  • I am already complete. 
  • I am a whole person.
  • I am creative, strong, and authentic. 
  • My authentic self is my best self. 
  • I am happy when I align with my values. 
  • I have the strength and willpower to succeed. 
  • Discipline and consistency outweigh setbacks.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements or phrases that you repeat over and over to yourself for a minute or two at a time. Positive, motivational, and constructive themes help us step into our best, most confident, and assured selves. We can then bring that energy into the big and small things we do every day to improve the quality of our lives.

For affirmations to work, you need to practice them consistently. You can tell yourself something positive once, but that will not make anywhere near as much of an impact as it would if you took the time to pause, notice your breath, and repeat your chosen affirmation with conscious intention. 

If you doubt the power of affirmations, know that there is strong evidence to support their power. Research shows that participants who used positive, growth-oriented affirmations in a set timeframe experienced greater well-being, groundedness, a higher sense of self-worth, and improved relationships.

daily affirmations for women

Do Positive Affirmations Really Work?

Author and motivator Louise L Hay explains, “every thought we think is creating our future.” How often have you found yourself experiencing negative self-talk and then experiencing those thoughts as your reality? 

Self-help, self-care, self-love, positive affirmation—all of these terms can seem trite, and many people think it is a means to escape reality. It is not. Real self-care is understanding that how you treat yourself creates your reality. It is not magic, and it is not rocket science. The quality and themes of your thoughts influence the quality of themes of your daily life.

According to one study, “self-affirmations can restore self-competence by allowing individuals to reflect on sources of self-worth, such as core values.

Positive self-affirmation improves your quality of life, so they are worth trying if you are interested in. Research on the effect of positive affirmations points out that affirmations activate primary neural processes and pathways involved in motivation, perceived self-worth, and overall sense of self

In one study, researchers used fMRI scans to examine the brains of people who practiced positive self-affirmations under controlled conditions. The scans showed increased activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain that plays a crucial role in self-perception and self-evaluation.

Further research highlight several more benefits of positive self-affirmations, including:

Why Should I Use Positive Affirmations?

It is easy to get caught up in the business of modern life. How often do you take the time to sit back and check in with yourself? To ask yourself how you are and give yourself a break from being productive all the time? How often do you tell yourself that you love yourself and that you are perfect, comely, absolutely entitled to be here, not just to survive but thrive? 

It might sound silly to tell yourself you love yourself if you are not used to doing it, but doing so is a form of self-care that profoundly positively influences your life. Self-care and self-love are the foundations of health and happiness. It is what elevates our intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships to a higher level.

Self-love is a form of service to ourselves and others. When you take the time to make sure you feel okay, to make sure you feel grounded, acknowledged, and that you belong, then you can be there for others. Just as airlines advise you to put on your oxygen mask first in the case of an emergency—so you should tend to your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and overall well-being before you can be of service to others.

If you do not look after yourself first, your help to others may be subpar. If you are grounded, confident, assured of your self-worth, and aligned with your values, then anything you say and do for others will be inspirational.

How to Use Positive Affirmations?

The best way to maximize affirmations’ profound benefits is to combine them with breathwork. You can use affirmations no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, but to reap its benefits, try to take a few minutes to sit or lie down somewhere.

If you are at home, sit or lie on your couch or bed, but if you need to practice at work, simply sitting at your desk with your eyes closed is perfectly fine. Bring your attention to your breath. Do not change it just yet—just notice its qualities. Is it deep and slow? Or is it quick and shallow? What emotions do you associate with your breathing?

Next, draw in a slow, long inhale. Count for four to five seconds on the inhale, then allow all the breath in your lungs to fall out naturally. Repeat this process for five to ten cycles. Close your eyes (if you feel comfortable doing so, or if it is safe to do), then inhale, and, as the breath falls out, speak your affirmation to yourself. You can say it out loud if you like, but it is also perfectly okay to say it in your mind.

Affirmations are not bound up in rules. An affirmation can be long or short, poetic or plain. If you love a phrase and find that it helps you, that is a valid affirmation.” 

– Eric Maisel


Affirmations are a great way to elicit a sense of confidence and motivation in yourself. They will not fix all your struggles overnight, but they will most certainly help you cultivate the positive energy necessary to make meaningful and lasting changes in your life. Even if you are not looking to make significant changes but want to add more positivity to your day, affirmations are for you.

They are a simple but profoundly effective tool in boosting confidence, and once you start practicing, it can be hard to stop. It can feel awkward or silly at first. Affirming your confidence in the mirror or talking to yourself aloud can feel unnatural. Still, these positive affirmations will feel like a completely natural, even essential, part of your daily routine after just a short time.

Let us leave you with this note:

“In the infinity of life where I am,
All is perfect, whole, and complete.
I no longer choose to believe in old limitations and lack,
I now choose to begin to see myself
As the universe sees me: perfect, whole, and complete.”

Louise L Hay

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