How To Tell Someone You Love Them In 14 Ways: Without It Being Awkward

Telling someone you love them is a lot harder than it seems when you see it on tv. Relationship experts say that it can be hard because we fear rejection. We naturally wait for the other person to say it.

However, there are ways to tell someone you love them without being awkward. You can also do things that show the other person that you love them. Let’s look at some of the best ways to tell that special someone that you love them. 

How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without It Being Awkward 

Be Sure of Your Feelings Before Expressing Them

Before you tell someone you love them, you should be certain of your feelings. Some people say ‘I love you’ out of boredom or the desire to get laid and some people like to toy with other people’s emotions. 

It is so important not to do this with your partner.

Take time to understand how exactly you feel. After all, it can be easy to confuse love with infatuation or joy. If you are contemplating telling your partner that you love them, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you sure that you genuinely love them, or is it a case of infatuation or non-romantic admiration? 
  • Are you ready for how they may respond? 
  • If the other person doesn’t feel the same way, how will it affect your current relationship with them?
  • If you get a positive reaction, are you ready to take the relationship to the next level? 
  • Have you felt like this before? How did you feel about them months later? 

Now that you’ve explored your feelings, it becomes easier to say it simply because you are sure about how you feel. 

how to tell someone you love them

Don’t Wait Too Long Before You Say I Love You

Many people are sure about how much they love their partner but take their time saying it because they fear rejection.

However, if you feel this way then don’t delay in saying it, as you’ll only become frustrated. It’s up to you to find the right time and the confidence to say it. 

Falling in love with your partner is a beautiful process because love is a gift. Therefore if you are certain about your feelings and your gut tells you that the other someone may feel the same way then go ahead and tell them. If you go for too long without saying it, they may become tired of the relationship and even feel used. 

Stop overthinking, and simply say it. 

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Show Them That You Love Them 

If you want to tell someone that you love them without feeling awkward, then use actions. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

If you are a woman and you want to show a man that you love them, one of the best ways to do this is to ask for their help. Men thrive in being there and being able to solve their woman’s problems.

If you have something that needs fixing, maybe there’s software that you can wrap your head around, or you have something around the house that needs fixing, you ask them for help. 

When you ask a man for help, it triggers something deep within him. Something that’s integral to a loving, long-term relationship. For a man, feeling that a woman needs him is what separates him from “like” to “love.”

Of course, your man loves the fact that you’re independent and you can get things done. But he still wants to feel that you need him and that he’s not indispensable. 

Psychologists call this behavior the ‘hero instinct’. You don’t trigger this instinct by pretending to be a damsel in distress. You don’t have to dilute your strength or independence in any way.

Instead, you can trigger the hero instinct authentically by showing your partner that you need him and allow him to step in and occupy that space in your life. By triggering this instinct, you show your partner that you love him. 

Find A Private Place To Say I Love You 

Telling someone you love them in a public space is not always the best idea because the outcome may not be what you expected. Tell someone you love them in a private place where you can muster the courage to do it clearly without any distractions. 

A private place doesn’t necessarily mean a bedroom. You can tell your partner that you love them in any place that is private and comfortable for you both.

It could be while you are watching a movie cuddling or if you are out having a picnic or one on one meal with your partner.

Either way, a private place without physical intimacy is a great way to learn to tell someone you love them. It provides the space and opportunity to communicate clearly to them and talk without interruptions.

It is important to understand that you can’t force someone to love you back, once you have told them you love them. Your partner should be free to speak their mind even if they don’t yet feel the same way, and that’s why location is important. 

Think about:

What would happen if you said you love them in public? 

  1. Other people’s reactions may ruin the moment. 
  2. You may not get an honest response, as they may be pressured to say nice things to you in front of other people.
  3. They may get upset and walk away. 

Whatever happens, keep the moment private. Also, try to tell them when they have a moment to relax and are less busy to avoid adding stress to their life.

Wait until they are free and ask them to meet up with you in private. 

how to tell someone you love them

Do You Love Them For Who They Are? 

Before you say “I love you,” it’s important to reflect on a few things. Do you love your partner for who they truly are, or do you have an idealized version of them and the relationship itself?

Some people become so focused on the idea of a perfect romance, rather than focusing on building a solid relationship with their partner.

The notion of a perfect romance is beautiful, however, it can be potentially destructive within your relationship. That is because it can result in unhealthy relationships, where you feel like your partner does not fulfill your needs and disrupts your chances of living a happy life.

The truth is that you don’t need the “perfect person” to find your self-worth, security, or happiness. These characteristics should come from the relationship you have with yourself. 

When you understand that the perfect relationship doesn’t exist, you’ll open up your heart and mind to live life on your own terms. 

It also allows you to be yourself and in turn accept someone else for who they are. They may not end up being the perfect person, but they might just be perfect for you – flaws and all.

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Say I Love You Directly The First Time 

Authentic communication is done face-to-face. No one wants to be told “I love you” on Twitter, Whatsapp, or Snapchat. Most people appreciate authentic and direct communication. Tell your partner how you truly feel about them face-to-face. 

The beauty of this approach is that you can tell how honest they are in their response back to you, depending on their reaction. You can see the honesty in their eyes, overall demeanor, and hear the tone of their voice.

Their reaction will help you appropriately adapt to the situation. For instance, if you see them smiling and looking teary-eyed, you know that they feel the same way.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can Facetime or video call your partner. Overall, avoid sending a text as it downplays the importance of the moment.

Look Them In The Eye When You Say I Love You

In addition to telling someone you love them directly, it is also important to look them in the eye. The best way to make someone listen and understand what you’re saying is to look them in the eye, as you speak.

When you look them in the eye, you build a connection with them and more often then not, your body language also reflects how you feel.

Have you ever experienced someone telling you something important but they didn’t make direct eye contact? How did it make you feel? Did you believe what they were saying? When you’re telling someone that you love them, it’s important to maintain eye contact. 

how to tell someone you love them

Get Creative Whenever You Get the Chance 

Telling someone you love them is so special and can make them fall more in love with you each day. So, if you are naturally a creative person, you can spice things up by writing a poem or coming up with a song that tells them how you feel. You can use words like:

  • ‘You make my heart flutter.’
  • You’re the most beautiful or handsome person I’ve ever met. 
  • You’ve accepted me for who I am 
  • You’ve loved me in times when I wasn’t capable of loving myself. 
  • You’ve been beside me through the tough times. 
  • I love the way that even if we’re apart, I wouldn’t know how to live without you.

There are also many other ways to express your love:

  • You can cook their favorite meal
  • You can surprise them with a random gift. 
  • Take them to the park for a picnic
  • Serve them breakfast in bed 

Use whatever skills or resources you have to make them feel loved. 

Have Their Back 

Words can sometimes be cheap if there are no actions to back them up. What’s the point of saying you love someone if you don’t have their back? The best way to show a partner that you love them is to be a shoulder for them to cry on when they need to. This will help them to feel loved and cherished by you.

When you truly love Someone they know that they can confide in you, and rely on you. If you don’t currently have this kind of support in the relationship, then perhaps it is time to demonstrate to your best friend or partner that they can always lean on you.

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Use Other Words 

Aside from when you say ‘I love you,’ there are other phrases that you can say to demonstrate to someone how much you love them.

You can tell them that “there’s never a dull moment whenever they are around.” This phrase is a beautiful way to tell someone you love them without saying the three words. Or you can say ‘you are the best part of my day’.

Try looking into their eyes when you say it so that they can see and feel the weight of your words. 

Celebrate Their Achievements 

Another way to demonstrate your love towards a partner is through celebrating their achievements. Whether they’re starting a new business, hobby or they have worked hard to complete a project at work, it is important to show your support for them and celebrate their achievements.

Sometimes, showing someone you love them is simply a matter of being around to watch them be amazing at their work, hobbies, or passion. 

Sharing your own achievements with them is another way to show that you love them because you want to involve them in your life.

Tell Them, ‘I Was Thinking About You Today.’ 

Telling someone that they’ve been on your mind is a unique way of letting someone know that you love them without necessarily saying it. Everyone loves to know that they’re on someone’s mind.

You can spice things up by sending them flowers or chocolates with a note saying, “I was thinking of you today.” Or, if you know they love coffee, you could send them one in the morning with a note saying “thinking of you.” 

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how to tell someone you love them

Take Time To Get To Know Their Friends 

This is another excellent way to tell someone that you love them. When you take time to get to know their friends, it shows that you’re not there to waste their time.

Instead, you want to build a long-term relationship with them. It also shows that you want to become involved with their world and you care about the details within their life.

Taking time to know their friends before saying the words “I love you” also gives you the chance to know them deeper. Who do they hang out with? How do they behave when they are with their friends? You may experience a completely new side to your partner, which brings you even closer together.

Have Some Activities That You Enjoy Doing Together 

When couples do things together, they create new interests, new joys, and new traditions. These activities are a great way to deepen the relationship and provide plenty of opportunities for you to tell someone you love them and also demonstrate it.

For example, you could have a tech-free date together or visit each other’s neighborhoods. Such activities also communicate that you love them because you are interested in getting to know them better and building a deeper relationship with them.

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The Bottom Line 

Telling someone you love them for the first time can be intimidating. Yet, when you choose to say it, utilizing the tips we have provided you with in this article will make it easier and less awkward.

It is also important to be open to the possibility that they may not feel the same way and that is completely okay. It is good to know where a relationship is going.

Sometimes you may say it and get no response or a ‘thank you’. If this happens, don’t lose heart, as it doesn’t necessarily necessarily translate to a rejection. 

So what does it mean? 

It may mean that they simply need more time to fully understand how they feel about you. If someone needs more time it could be for a variety of reasons that aren’t directly related to you as a person.

It is important if you don’t receive an instant, ‘I love you too’ to try and understand where your partner is at. Are they needing more time because they have personal baggage to work through or have they not reciprocated simply because they thought that this was a casual relationship and weren’t planning on it becoming more.

For example, they may have previously been in a difficult relationship where their ex treated them poorly and as a result they now they have trust issues. So, their hesitation is not about you specifically as person, but more about what they have struggled with in the past.

In this type of situation instead of continually vocalizing your love for that person, you can instead demonstrate it through your actions until you can see that they are ready to move on to that next stage in your relationship.

If someone isn’t interested in pursuing a long term relationship with you, saying I love you may simply clarify things for you and help you understand that you are both looking for different things.

You can view this as a positive revelation because it will allow you to reevaluate the relationship and ensures that you aren’t with someone for years on end, who doesn’t want the same things as you do.

In the end, if someone doesn’t reciprocate, then don’t beat yourself up about it. Remember that love has a way of finding us.

In time, you will find that special someone who loves you completely for who you are and couldn’t imagine their life without you.

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